Thigh and arm lift

What are thigh and arm lift?

Whenever skin sags at the inner thigh or inner arm, the problem can be corrected by restoring skin tautness.

This can be achieve with thigh and arm lift. The procedure is designed to remove excess skin and underlying fat.

Are you considering a lift?

We encourage you to make an appointment. Dr Chagnon will explain the procedure in detail and answer all your questions.

What results can I expect from thigh and arm lift?

The problems of fatty infiltration and sagging skin are corrected, thereby clearly enhancing the shape of the thighs and arms.

However, please note that this figure-altering procedure leaves scars that you must learn to accept.

What happens during the procedure?

This type of operation must be performed using general anesthesia. The procedure lasts from one to two hours.

For thigh lift, an incision is made in the creases of the groin or buttocks, depending on the targeted areas. In certain cases, scars can run down as far as the knee. In some cases, liposuction may also be needed to achieve a slimmer figure.

For arm lift, an incision is made at the inner arm, from the elbow to the underarm, thereby allowing the removal of excess skin and fat.

During the healing period, you must avoid all sudden movement or stretching. Office work can be resumed after two weeks. More physical work can be resumed only after four weeks of convalescence.