Breasts are symbols of fertility and motherhood for some, tools of seduction for others. Whether opulent or petite, modestly concealed or proudly displayed, the breasts form an important part of a woman’s body image.

Increase, reduction, recovery: various interventions for as many good reasons

There are many experiences or stages in a woman’s life that can affect breast size, shape, symmetry or firmness. These factors may lead to wanting to change its appearance.

Nowadays, there are various intervention techniques that can meet the specific need of each woman in order to harmonize her figure and help her live better her femininity.

Breast augmentation

Sometimes out of personal wish, sometimes for professional reasons, some women want to increase their breast size.

Breast augmentation is an operation that aims to increase the general volume of the breast by the introduction of implants. The type and size of the implants are discussed in advance with the surgeon.

Breast reduction

It may happen that a woman has too much breast volume compared to the rest of her body type. This results in back and shoulder pain which is caused by the excessive weight of the chest.

Breast reduction can then be considered. It consists of removing excess breast tissue while maintaining a volume both in harmony with the silhouette of the patient and in accordance with her wishes.

Breast lift or lift

Breast lift is indicated for sagging or sagging breasts. This type of change can occur as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss.

The procedure, which aims to reshape and reposition the breast, involves removing excess skin around the areola and under the breast. This procedure is often combined with breast augmentation to improve breast size and breast projection.