What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction consists in removing excess skin, fat, and mammary tissue. Generally, the procedure involves the excision of skin and part of the breast at the same time. As part of the procedure, the breast is raised and the nipple repositioned.

Generally, this procedure is used to correct physical problems associated with overly large or heavy breasts.

Please note that Quebec’s Régie de l’assurance maladie covers the cost of the procedure whenever breast size and weight cause health problems. In such cases, the procedure must comply with a weight-reduction guideline. In such a case, the surgery should be done in an hospital environment.

Do you have overly heavy breasts?

Call for an appointment. Following a medical examination, Dr Chagnon will be able to determine if breast reduction is the best solution for you.

What results can I expect from a breast reduction procedure?

Breast reduction is designed to reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain in women with overly large and heavy breasts. It also relieves skin irritation below the breasts.

Women who undergo the procedure feel more comfortable and feel better about themselves. They find it easier to find clothes that fit and can pursue sports activities that were unattainable previously.