What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that aims to increase the general volume of the breast. It consists in introducing, following an incision, a prosthesis placed either under your gland or under your pectoral muscle.

These prostheses can be filled with saline or silicone.

How do you know which implants to choose?

Breast augmentation first requires a good assessment of your condition and your figure.

A consultation with our doctors will allow you to determine the most appropriate type and volume of prosthesis for you.

What results can you expect from breast augmentation?

Breast surgery is effective for :

  • correct volume reduction after pregnancy
  • correct an asymmetry between the two breasts
  • reconstruct the breast after breast surgery
  • improve the figure of a woman who judges her breasts to be too small.

From week to week, the results will seem more and more natural, but it may take a few months before you see the final shape of your breasts.