How does Botox work?

Botox is a neuromuscular paralytic agent. It is used as a local injection, at a low dose, to induce targeted muscle paralysis. The muscles responsible for expression lines are thus weakened, which has the effect of reducing wrinkles for 5 to 6 months.

Is Botox a Treatment for You?

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What are the benefits of Botox?

Thanks to the relaxation of the muscles, almost all the wrinkles on your face will appear less marked, in particular :

  • The lion’s wrinkle or the glabella
  • Worry lines on the forehead
  • Crow’s feet
  • Fine lines around the lips and puppet wrinkles
  • Wrinkles at the root of the nose or rabbit wrinkles

On the other hand, since Botox acts on the muscles under the skin, it does not target the fine wrinkles on the surface of the epidermis. To reduce these types of wrinkles, injections of wrinkle fillers, often used in conjunction with Botox, are used.

In general, Botox rejuvenates the face and provides a serene, relaxed look. You will look like you just came back from vacation.

The results will be fully visible approximately 10 days after the treatment. Two to three treatments per year are recommended to maintain beneficial effects.

How is the intervention carried out?

The procedure lasts just 15 minutes. Small doses of Botox will be injected into the targeted muscles. You will only feel a slight tingling and can immediately return to your daily activities.