Hair transplant: your hair, your beauty

Of course, in humans hair is used as protection against the sun, cold or rain. But your hair is also much more than that: it is a symbol of youth and vitality, a means of expression and a powerful tool of seduction. No wonder it’s closely linked to self-esteem.

Androgenic hair loss: a genetic concern

Unfortunately, over time, some people see their hair falling out more and more. In 95% of cases in men, it is a hereditary phenomenon. Some women are also prone to this type of so-called androgenic hair loss.

As the hair falls out, those affected often feel dispossessed of a significant part of them. Fortunately, today there is an effective way to replenish sparse areas of your scalp and thereby boost your self-esteem.

Hair transplantation: a technique that rebalances your scalp

We now have an extremely precise and reliable technique called follicular micrografting. This is a minor procedure that transfers hair from the crown area, where it permanently grows, to areas affected by baldness.

Once transplanted, the hair will grow back as if it had always been in place. You will thus benefit from a second youth!