The face, mirror of the soul

The most visible part of our person, the face reveals many intimate details: our emotions, of course, but also our age. In general, it is around the age of 35 that the first signs of aging or “expression lines” appear.

Different factors explain the formation of fine lines and wrinkles :

  • First, as we age, the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin, weakens and no longer supports the visible layer as well as the epidermis. The skin is less resistant to deformation and folds are imprinted on the face.
  • The repetition of facial movements is also involved. With every smile, frown, or face, our skin wrinkles. When the same fold is repeated thousands of times, the skin fibers weaken and the skin loses its ability to become smooth again.

The location is therefore determined by the personality, history and lifestyle of each person. Nevertheless, there are predilection places for the formation of expression lines.

Crow’s feet

These very common wrinkles start from the outer corner of the eyes. They are attributed to the smile.

The lion’s wrinkle or the glabella

This wrinkle forms a “V” between the two eyebrows. It appears from frowning and gives a worried or stressed look.

Worry wrinkles

These are the horizontal lines that run through much of the forehead. These wrinkles are born from preoccupied expressions or by dint of raising the eyebrows.

Wrinkles around the lips

Several fine lines can radiate around the mouth, a particularly mobile region where the skin is fragile.

The puppet wrinkles

These are the vertical furrows that start from each corner of the lips and form a more or less long hollow. These wrinkles tend to give the face a sad and bitter expression.

Wrinkles at the root of the nose or rabbit wrinkles

These are oblique wrinkles that start from the side faces of the upper part of the nose. They are formed when the muscles of the nose are contracted, to express disgust, for example.

Botox injections and wrinkle fillers: soften and counter the effect of time

Although expression lines reflect our life experience, many women greet them with some dismay. Not all of them want to be “read between the lines.”

Fortunately, there are now effective ways to reduce the appearance of expression lines.

Botox injections

Botox injection is a proven and very popular method of regaining a youthful and rested look, just like when you come home from vacation.

Wrinkle fillers

In addition to Botox, facial fillers or wrinkle fillers can also help mask facial wrinkles and folds to create a healthy, rejuvenated appearance.